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September 9, 2015: Our Prebuy contracts for the 2015-2016 winter season are now sold out!

June 24, 2015: We've expanded our website to include a FAQ and jobs page. Check them out!

November 14, 2013: All of us at Victory Fuel want to thank everyone who made our END OF SUMMER SIZZLE A SUCCESS. We raised $4435.00 and had a great day with some really great friends. A big thank you to the Knights of Columbus who donated and prepared all of the delicious hamburgers and hotdogs, we could not have done it without you. Peter Richards, you are one of a kind! You guys went above and beyond with everything you did. What a great organization! Janet Detour and her helper Jan, Donna Ward & Liz Thibeau who sold raffle tickets. Cheryl Cronin who helped with everything from setting up to parking and of course Jameson Huntress and Lexi Roy who froze their butts off in the dunk tank. JoAnn Thibault who made the flyers. You were all great and we appreciate all of the hard work you did.

The entertainment was wonderful. Streetsong impressed us all. For a crew of old guys, (only kidding), you can sure see how crazy they must have been in their younger years. They had a great time themselves, so maybe next year we can coax them out of the garage! DJ Christopher Michaels kept us all in line and entertained.

We went to add a big thank you to S&R Construction for letting us park at their facility and for being such great neighbors. Kevin Crowley and his wonderful brown lab. We all really enjoyed the bomb sniffing demonstration. We want to thank each and every one of you for your generous donations. It was you who made it a success. It really was a nice day for all and plans are in the making for another one next year.

July 19, 2012: New to Victory Fuel? Check out our New Customer page! & Welcome!

Warm Friends -- All Year Round. 

That's what you want from your heating  oil dealer, and that's what we're 
working to be at Victory Fuel. 

We proudly serve satisfied customers in Atkinson, Bradford, Brentwood, 
Chester, Danville, East Hampstead, East Kingston, Fremont, Groveland, 
Hampstead, Haverhill, Kensington, Kingston, Merrimac, Newton, Newton 
Junction, Plaistow, Sandown and South Hampton with quality fuel oil and 
reliable, courteous delivery service.

Why pay more? Sign up during the summer months for our convenient pre-buy
 program -- save real money on your annual fuel bill and avoid worries by paying
in advance at the reasonable pre-buy price. Call or stop by our office today to find 
out how -- we'll be glad to explain the program! 

Why pay more? See how our prices stack up against our competitors at 
New England Oil, a one-stop price-listing site. 

We also now offer online ordering for your convenience. 

We've been serving the needs of our local customers for over a decade now 
-- and our company founder & president Leo LaRochelle has forty years' 
experience in the home heating business. And, we partner with several fine  
local service providers to keep your burner in top-notch condition.

Call us today or stop in to find out how Victory Fuel can meet your own 
fuel oil needs. 

We hope it'll be the start of a Warm Friendship!


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